Jennifer Wang

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Hello! I'm currently a software engineer working on robotics at Google. Previously, I worked on algorithms that allow Android devices to sense and recognize user activities and immediate context for products like Google Maps and Google Fit.

Previously, I completed a bachelor's degree at MIT in electrical engineering and computer science (class of 2014). While I was a student, I worked on wearables, internet-of-things (IoT), computational photography, robotics, and astronomy. I interned and worked with many wonderful people at Google[X], the MIT Media Lab, and Lowell Observatory. Please visit my LinkedIn for more info about my background.

Recently, I authored a paper A New Vision for Smart Objects and the Internet of Things: Mobile Robots and Long-Range UHF RFID Sensor Tags where I explored a vision of how mobile robots will use UHF RFID technology to interact with smart objects for applications such as agricultural sensing, environmental monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, and sensor deployment.